Boujee Bohemian Candles

We sell candles and other items to enhance your personal environment. I offer hand poured coconut soy, with essential and fragrant oils. We also offer sage, palo santo, waistbeads, bangles, crystals, and more! shop @ or IG for more info boujeebohoboutique

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I never received the package. That's why I didnt mark it as completed, the system did it for me because of the time frame. I'm still waiting on my package.

Sandi S about listing Sage & Palo Santo 2 years ago.

Everything went smoothly. I am so glad to get my hands on sage & Palo Alto from blessed hands. As soon as I opened the box I calming feeling came over me. I will be ordering again soon from this sister.

Melanie R about listing Sage & Palo Santo 2 years ago.

This were absolutely perfect and I couldn't possibly be more pleased. The sage bundles and Palo Santo sticks arrived much earlier than I expected and they smelled wonderful. I was also pleasantly surprised by the crystal and shell that were included with the order. I rushed to open the package and went to work smudging my house. I don't think I missed a single corner. I immediately sat down to meditate and pray and let me tell you, the feeling of peace and tranquility I felt was unmatched. Thank you so much for not only the prompt shipment but the quality of your products. My house hasn't felt this peaceful in almost a year. Again, thank you so much.

Sandi Marcella Smith

Sandi S about listing Sage & Palo Santo 2 years ago.