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My name is Charnissa (Shar-Nissa), founder of Calypso's Conjure's and The Healing and Knowing Center. There are several items I make for spiritual cleansing, balancing, and enhancing.
My most popular and best selling item is the ONE AND ONLY Aura and Spirit Cleansing Bath Bombs.
My Bath Bombs are like NONE OTHER. Here's why. Each batch is made with all Natural, Organic, home grown herbs, fair trade ingredients, therapeutic grade essential oils, no dyes or perfumes, and Blessed with my Ase' for your Spiritual Cleansing needs. Safe for sensitive skin.

Directions for use:
This Aura and Spirit Cleansing Bath Bomb is to be used after you have taken a regular shower and have washed hair. Draw your bath, drop in bomb, clear your mind, body, spirit and energy field. For maximum results, submerge body for a few seconds (or a safely needed length). Resurface cleansed, blessed, no stress and restored.

After care:
Remain home in peaceful mind, body, and spirit. This is a perfect time to meditate, pray, or just do you in absolute pure body, mind, and spirit.

Other products and services:
I hand make coconut oil for countless uses. Coconut oil has very many benefits from curing yeast overgrowth, dental uses and about 1,000 other health benefits and uses, also excellent hair or body oil, cooking oil, to use as a base oil for conjure oil blends.
I hand select each coconut and carefully process the entire nut. From coconut milk, down to the oil.

I also offer various blessed goods such as Money Blessings Candles, Road Opening incense, Muscle Pain Relief Salve, Aromatherapy Massage Oil and many more. All goods are made, and blended for YOUR specific need, blessed for you.

My Spiritual and Life Path Services include, but NOT limited to: Tarot Divinations, Powerful Empath, Seer, Fixer, Spiritual Coach, and can help you with figuring out some difficult issues with self, love life and or professional areas.

If you wish to order oil or blessed goods that are specially blended and blessed for your individual need; or want a Confidential Tarot reading (times vary from 30 minutes to 60 minutes, decks to choose from) please inform me by selecting the items or services you desire.

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