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I am Madame Calypso. Descendant of the first Native Americans and Indigenous of my bloodline from Mecklenburg County Virginia and Great Smokey Mountains of East Tennessee Native and African Americans.
I have over 20 years experience in divination for many areas of life from death (help through grief coaching), life coaching, behavior coaching, finance, luck, employment, and most of all introspection of yourself for improvement of the WHOLE person you are. Mind, body, and spirit.
Tarot is a quick deep tool I primarily use to divine, however I am very skilled in many forms and tools of Divination. Especially, African Traditional Spirituality. I have Isefa. I will not "tell you what you want to hear." I will tell you the truth as I see, feel, hear, and interpret your energy and situation. If you know you are ready to move forward in truth of self and your life, then contact me now!
With me, you will gain a safe and calm place to seek answers from The Universe, Ancestors, and or Spirit Guides to set you back on path. If you are unsure what you seek, then what you seek is seeking you and I will help you meet. I can help with love, finance, luck, goals and career, and much more!
Upon conclusion of our session, I assure you will feel hope, clarity, peace and a boost of self-identity. Your newly claimed personal power will help you go forth in your life with courage and peace to keep obtaining your magnificent, important and loving goals in this life. YOU are a Star and YOU deserve to shine and I will put my heart into help make your dreams real!

Listings include Tarot Divinations and Hoodoo Consultations
Please note: I am in EST zone. Please be sure to take that into account when placing your phone order.

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Lots of great advice on hoodoo; Also got a quick oracle card reading where Calypso offered some well needed advice from my ancestors. I’m very happy, thanks again!

Thank you!

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Thank you for your support!

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