Simple Prayer Spiritual

Dr. ClauDean Kizart, Íyalorisha Babả Miwa is a Lukumi Priest (popularly known as Yoruba tradition) & Espiritista/ Spiritualist who began seeing spirits as a child. Trained by elder Iyalorishas and Babalorishas with over 30 years of experience in Lukumi, Voodoo, and Palo traditions she became an initiated priest of Obatala ati Oshun over a decade ago. Following the advises given to her by the Orishas she completed her doctoral degree, began a career in higher education, and started making spiritual products focused on enlightenment, sweetness, clarity, love, abundance and more… Affectionately known as “ChiNaka” she hopes to honor her ancestors and the love of the Obatala by living out loud and BEing her best self. Baba’Miwa is the proprietor of Simple Prayer Spiritual Products, a daughter, a mother, Espiritista, Iyalorisha, educator, and downright believer of ALL THINGS GOOD!!

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I love all the products I ordered through Esty.


Just got it today. Can't wait to try the Rose water.