Earth Majesty

I'm Eva Miranda, artist and designer at Earth Majesty, and priestess of Yemaya (Lukumi). I'm an Oakland-based jeweler and artist from San Francisco, Califas and I've been making jewelry professionally for nearly twenty years. My work celebrates the divine feminine, abundance, and connection to spirit and Pachamama-Mother Earth. Earth Majesty jewelry features sacred symbols, cowrie shells, and semi-precious stones, bringing spirit and meaning to pieces I call, “sacred adornments.” I see all my jewelry as an offering, and each piece is blessed before going out to you.
My roots in the Bay Area, Greece, and South and Central America influence my designs, as well as my travels and connections in West and North Africa and the Caribbean. I am currently developing my skill as a metalworker, and will reveal these offerings in Summer 2018. My jewelry has been featured in events internationally in Greece and St. Lucia, and can be found in several stores in the Bay Area.
I do custom work as well so let me know what you have in mind and we can create together.

I'm also a doula (birth attendant) and offer birth support, post partum care and ceremony. Feel free to contact me here regarding any related services.

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