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I am a practicing Vodouisant, Witch, Rootworker and Diviner who, in 2015, relocated to central Ohio after spending my adult life as a resident of Chicago.

I was raised by my maternal grandparents in a small town in northeastern Ohio. My grandmother was an astrologer who communicated with the dead. When I was growing up, Gede (Vodou spirits of the Dead) always visited members of my family right before someone died. The spirits of my Ancestors were also frequent visitors in my home, and they continue to visit me to this day. Their reemergence in my life is why I began my training in the occult.

I also spent vacations in my youth with my paternal grandmother and family in Alabama where I learned about the spirituality, folk magic, superstitions, and customs of the American south.

I offer my services to clients internationally to assist them with spiritual issues using divination and Hoodoo/Conjure. I perform Playing Card, Tarot, Lenormand, and Candle Divination services. I also teach introductory Hoodoo and Playing Card Divination courses online.

In 2016, I created Hoodoo 201, which as evolved into a hands-on intensive, 3 day course that I conduct in my home. Students come from all over the world to spend a weekend learning how to make their own Hoodoo workings such as oils, candles, container spells, sachet powders, and spiritual waters/colognes.

My magical practice is Hoodoo (traditional African American Folk Magic). I also study Traditional Witchcraft, and combine them both in my magical workings. I am diverse in my work, and I am comfortable working with clients from all backgrounds. I am often sought out for readings when clients are at a crossroads in their life and need the spiritual guidance to move ahead in the right direction.

I am a Haitian Vodouisant, and I belong to Société Rayons Du Soleil Levant in Cap Haitien, Haiti. My spiritual mother is Marje Satela Bonmanbo. I also trained as an apprentice with The Vodou Store in Chicago, Illinois from 2013 - 2015.

I see Hoodoo/Rootwork and Divination as my ministry. My work as a spiritual life coach has changed many lives for better, and this is my mission as a future priestess and a witch.

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