Negra With Tumbao

As a "bruja de nacimiento", I am proud to be from a long line of women who were powerful priestesses, healers, gifted readers, alchemists and espiritistas. I am a crowned Oni Yemaya in the Lukumi practice and a palera with Congo, Yoruba, and Akan/ Ashanti roots by way of the United States and Cuba.

I created my Artisanal Florida Waters and Bath Elixirs because there was a need for authentic, living tools for spiritual use. Commercial florida water, although it serves its purpose, is simply not strong enough when it comes to real manifestation, despojos, cleansing, and spiritual baths and work. I hand make each 4 ounce jar adding my own ache and prayer.

My Bath Elixirs utilize the finest organic ingredients. Each 4 oz. jar is handmade and touched by my hands adding my own ache and prayer. The salt can be used to manifest abundance, love, spiritual power and also to repel and cleanse negative energy and spirits.

I am guided by my own eggun with reference to how much of each ingredient the client needs. It is truly a personalized experience.

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