Astrological Chart Reading

What is an Astrology "chart"?

Hunty, your Astrological "chart" or "Natal chart" is a snapshot of where all of the planets were above and around you at the moment of your birth.

As a lifelong Astrology student and a practicing professional Astrologer for over 10 years, it's no secret to me that the benefits of knowing your unique Astrological makeup are abundant and generous! It's a guide-map to a bigger, more profound perspective of yourself than you could ever imagine.


YOUR SOUL CHARACTER: Are you here as the Artist? Do you have the soul of the Fiery Free Thinker or the Organized Master of the Earth plane? What does it look like when you keep it 100% about who you are in the world? What are your natural superpowers? What work MUST you do this lifetime in order to fulfill your destiny and make your Ancestors proud?

YOUR "SHIT": Where there's brilliance, there's also the possibility of shade. Let's discuss the nature of your "shadow side". What are your personal stumbling blocks/strongholds/shadows/fuckeries that keep you from CLAIMING YOUR CROWN? What does it look like when you are lost and running away from yourself? How can YOU actually uncross yourself and get on the right track?

YOUR GOALS: What is the highest manifestation of your life goals and personal aspirations? Knowing your chart help you make them a reality!

YOUR RELATIONSHIPS: What type of love language do you speak (hint: there's more than 5...)? In which ways do you nurture, and what's needed to feel nurtured by others? Who are your natural sexual partners in this lifetime? What types of people do you attract, and why?

Let's look into the deeper layers of your chart to decode your truest, ancestrally given talents and gifts.

NOTE: *Spaces may be booked up to a week after purchase, please leave 2-7 days for scheduling. If your session is urgent, please e-mail me and I will get back to you about expediting options. There are no same-day sessions unless otherwise mentioned.

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