Indigenous Belly Binding

Women in many indigenous cultures worldwide have traditionally wrapped their torso and upper hips after birth as well as during their menstrual cycle for womb support and pelvic relief. As a new mom, you may have reservations about spending money on something for yourself, however one thing I always recommend is postpartum belly binding! It may be all about the baby now, but mama still needs to heal, the fourth trimester is crucial for her health and wellness not only now, but along the years as she continues to be the backbone of her family and community.

Postpartum Use:
Support Womb and Pelvis
Bring Womb Back Into Place
Bring Split Abdominal Muscles Back Together To Heal
Aid in Fitness and Healing
Aid in Waist Training
Improve Posture (crucial during breastfeeding, when mothers are healing but often hunch over to feed the baby)

Menstrual Cycle Use:
Provide Womb Support
Aid In Ease Cramps
May Shorten Bleeding Time

Visually symbolic to the community of the womb journey you have taken
Feels like a close hug on the womb (called "Closing the Bones" in MesoAmerican)
Fabric choice is symbolic or representative to family or individual
Carry on ancient tradition

Waist Training:
Aid In Reshaping Your Waist
Suppress Appetite
Bring Abdominal Muscles Back Together To Heal
Improve Posture (strengthens core)
Builds Core Muscles
Aid in Mild Workouts
Allows You To Respect Your Body's Natural Shape While Waist Training
Complete Control Over How Tight or Loose You Are Bound (similar to a corset)
Breathable Cotton Fabric Instead of Plastic

Small (21')
Medium (24')
Large (27')
XL (30')
Feel free to ask me any questions about sizing, however the general rule for
--Small is a waist of approximately 40" or less
--Medium I would recommend for most any women, women who wear size medium, has diastasis, wants for use waist training, etc.
--Large is for thicker, plus sized women around pant size 14-20
--XL is for plus sized women who are size around 1X or above

Please contact me for help with sizing! It may differ for you depending on how drastically you changed during pregnancy, how long postpartum you are, whether you have diastasis, intend to waist train, or even if you are pregnant right now. Talking to me is fun and harmless, plus it gets us putting you in JUST the right item for you to have an optimal experience.

The color traditionally denoted tribe, status, and family values. Most colors that speak to you are available...Whatever you choose should be symbolic of your journey. The bright colors around your waist are a symbol to the community of your new status and the journey you have taken. Talk to me about what you want or let me choose for you!

(1) Cloth Belly Binder: made of a quality 100% cotton Batik or Ankara, Dashiki, or Kente fabric (I have found other traditionally dyed African fabric, and there are ways we can get those if you ask!).
(1) Carry Bag (Custom, limited edition, unique, and one of a kind)
(1) PDF Instructions on how to use the product.
(1) Free Waistbeads to help track inches on waist. Waist beads are a traditional African jewelry that you wear around your can tell if you have lost or gained weight by the beads rising and falling on your belly. They are not attached to the Belly Wrap. Tell me your waist size in inches. If you don't know and can't measure, please include your pants size in the comments section. These are custom and I make them different for each person. Waistbeads as well carry symbolism of femininity, phases of fertility, seduction, status, and more.

The Path of The Goddess Womb and Doula Services philosophy is dedicated to a quality postpartum experience, one that does not gloss over the care to a mother postpartum. Because of this, the utmost care has been taken in choosing the fabric for my belly binding wraps. They are high quality Batik, Ankara, and Kente prints from specialty shops, and are an excellent heirloom piece for the birth. This wrap is beautiful enough to wear outdoors and help mother feel more herself after pregnancy. It is durable to last through multiple pregnancies, including being passed on to friends and family alike as pregnancy occurs. Consider this wrap a gift to aid to mothers healing, to connect her to the women that came before her and that will come after her.

Furthermore, with purchase comes with the opportunity to talk to me about any of your needs with the wrap for as long as you need me! I can answer questions, direct you towards other knowledgeable people in the birth and womb communities, as well as be a friendly ear who has used this product before.

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