Purveyor of the obscure, peculiar and the uncommon. My art is tinged with hints of Lowbrow, shrouded in mists of darkness and tossed with a pinch of sarcasm.

Spreading imagination one canvas at a time...

Born in the sign of fire, marked to Changó, with Eshu as my constant companion and curator of my art. I paint orisha as they come to me, or as viewed by those who commission me. I walk behind the veil, anchored with one foot in the physical and mundane, and the other in the spirit world. My Egun once were warriors, and stand behind me, lighting the way of my destined path with orisha.

My influences are put down in acrylic and oil on canvas, through photography, mixed-media and other art projects. I am continually expanding my art projects, ranging from, but not limited to; Lowbrow & Pop-surrealism style art, commissioned paintings, custom millinery, mixed media creations, fetishes, talismans, and authentic replica costume pieces.

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