My name is Crystal. I'm a Southern-born, Creole, queer woman and healing practitioner based in Atlanta, GA. I was raised in a small country city in Southwest GA in a rural area. It was in my early years that I most deeply explored my medicine magic, ancestral tapping, and manifestation work.

I began Osatyam after my traditional training in Eastern healing arts. While training as a yoga instructor in Mysore India, I studied asana, meditation, Ayurveda, and yogic philosophy with regional masters. Since then, I've also studied plant medicine in Greece with local artisans and deepened my commitment to the local plant magic that has sustained my ancestors and peers here in the US South.

Healing is my lifework. My focus is helping to heal people most effected by oppression because it is clear to me that healing work and self-care are vital pieces in Black liberation, both in times of mourning and in joy.

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