Aboru Aboye- I am Iyanifa- Ifawuyi Osunsewa Dunmonmi, which means Ifa’s precious one, orisas blessed me the most precious one, Osun provides beauty and my Egbe provides for me. I am here to help you through your journey.

I am here to help with your business needs for advertising; custom printing, websites, business cards, flyers, labels, social media advertising. Custom clothing, and with your graphic designs.

For your spiritual needs I can provide, soap, creams, or powder medicines for love, health, protection, good fortune. Readings using, playing cards, Erindilogun- 16 cowrie shells, and traditional opelle.

For devotes I have OBI, Iyere-Osun, Ilekes, Ide, Opons, Omi-ero. I can arrange initiations, the help of purchasing many other supplies & tools. If you are looking for something I can help you. All items are traditional materials shipped directly from Nigeria. Made from Priest and Priestess.

If you need hard to find items I can get them for you.

I also offer items for Whole Sale Prices.

Email me: ifawuyi247@gmail.com
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ifawuyivoice
facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/511011969274308/

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More than helpful.

Great. So quick, super fresh and the packaging was great.

Ola N about listing Obi- 4 & 5 Lobe Kola Nuts 12 qty 3 months ago.

Great shipping

Kenisha H about listing Obi- 4 & 5 Lobe Kola Nuts 12 qty 3 months ago.