Thank you for visiting my page! I am Tahtahme, a Sacred Woman Practitioner who works her Africalifornian roots. I am a twin mom, wife, and AfroIndigenous Latina. I have studied under Queen Afua and I am certified as a doula and birthworker through several organizations run by people of color. I have been a witchy and intuitive woman most all my life.

Every Sunday I host the Sacred Sister Circle at patreon.com/sacredsistercircle at 2pm PT (BPT). I am also the author of Punani Proverbs and other Womb Healing Workbooks series on Amazon (just look up the name "Tahtahme" to find them).

I specialize in womb work, abuse healing, and postpartum birthwork, focusing most heavily on my Sister Circle, as well as several other passions (which you can see at the blog link below!).

To learn more, please visit ThePathofaGoddess.wordpress.com

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