Adinkra Intention Candle - Bese Saka

Bresi-Ando Tools For Life brand creates a variety of lifestyle products that are aimed to help us thrive in this thing called life based in West African, ancestral and spiritually centred systems. The Adinkra Intention Candle range is the first release from the brand.

Adinkra is an ancient, visual, philosophy-based, communication system of the Akan people of Ghana and Gyaman people of Côte d'Ivoire. The ancient wisdom of the Adinkra never died with the symbols providing life lessons, guidance and tools for survival that have steered and protected its people for multiple millennia.

Fire is the element of transformation and by burning a candle, we seek to harness that transformational power and through using our intentions, we can manifest a situation of our choosing, beneficial to our cause.

Bese Saka (say it: ‘Bessie Sack-ah’) translation: 'Sack of cola nuts' - the cola nut is one of the cash crops grown in Ghana. It played a significant role in the economy of the country in the past and still contributes today.

To aid any wishes, projects or ideas to lead to abundance

Use = burn this unscented candle to manifest your intention around abundance and prosperity.

Dimensions: w = 2” x h = 8”

Weight: 1 lb

Materials: Glass, unscented wax

Listing created Mar 8, 2018

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