Tarot readings to orient your moon times and situations


Rogue (adjective) : no longer obedient hence not controllable or answerable, a playfully mystic person

Splash (verb):to fall, move, strike or dash about a liquid or semiliquid substance

I chose the name, Rogue Splash, to honor my path, process, and divine sources of inspiration. My readings are intended to access and shake up energies that orient clients to access spiritual knowledge and resources for their greater good. I've been using tarot as a primary means of divination for the past 4 years, though have accessed other means over the past 8 years. I am available for face to face readings in the Greater Hartford, CT area, FaceTime, phone, email.

No sexism. No racism. No ableism. No ageism. No homophobia. No fatphobia. No transphobia. No hatefulness.

Be well Friends.

Listing created Mar 28, 2018

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