Enchanting Marie Venus Love And Money Gain Candles ™


Enchanting Marie, Venus Love Candles™

These standard sized 10 in. taper #candles are handmade and provided with the energy of #love, #passion, and #romance as heavily signified by the planet, #Venus, the ruling planet of #Libra and each, inscribed, on the inside with a simple love/money sigil/incantation.

These candles are great for you all who like to do love spells.... they are not only great for bringing a lover to u, but work extraordinarily for couples on the verge, or passed the point of separation...
so, if you want ur relationship to turn around, if u want ur lover back, or if you want to attract a new/ specific lover, these are perfect candles for enchanting that.

They can even be used to spice up the intimacy, or sex life in a relationship.

Not only that, but these candles are also perfect for just all around, general love (self love), so if you're feeling depressed, or if you feel that u have negative ppl around u, & u just want to surround urself w/ good, pure, loving energy, these candles are phenomenal for that, as well!

Suggested Instructions for use..(LOVE CANDLE) 1. Drizzle candle lightly with honey while thinking of the love you want to attract.(Any kind of honey will do, just not too thick.)

  1. Lick ur fingers and smear the honey completely over candle, (avoiding the very bottom/base where it will go into ur candle holder) while picturing/imagining the desired result of the love you want to call into your life coming into fruition.

  2. Place candle in candle holder and light candle. Allowing to burn for approximately 20-30 min, every other day, for a total of three days, or three separate times.

  3. Every other day u will relight the candle, letting it burn for 20-30 min each time, snuffing the flame out. (It is recommended that you snuff and do not blow the candle out.)

On the 3rd and final day when u relight the candle, let candle burn all the way out.

*Important Note: While burning, honey may get on wick and allow candle to go out. This is fine. It does not mean ur magic is not working, or a there is a bad omen.
Many times, I find that when this happens, it is almost time for the candle to be put out anyway, so i just let it go out and leave it alone.
If u feel not enough time has passed, or u feel more comfortable relighting the candle, simply scrape/clean the honey off of the wick and relight!

Instructions for use..(MONEY CANDLE) Set your financial gain intentions and light candle.
Anoint with your saliva, Enchanting Marie Money Oil, or any herbs/oils of your choice for best results.

(A copy of these instructions will be mailed with your order)

*Please be sure to select which candle type you would like before adding to your cart.❤

These Candles are made and formulated to work well with on their own , but they most definitely work very well with the corresponding Enchanting Marie Love/ Money Oils.

Handmade, Homemade, Magical™

Enchanting Marie ~ The Fairest Tarotist

Thank You

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