Ancestral Guidance Charm Divination Sets

Set of 13 charms for divination in a bag, 1 custom reading cloth (around the size of a hanky), & sheet of instructions.

The Ancestral Guidance Charm Divination Sets is for daily ritual and use. You can ask a specific question, or simply ask to be a vessel for a daily message as you strive to grow.

This is loosely based on the traditional bone and curio reading set and is designed to begin a set of your own small items for reading. Simply cast the charms and read them by position.

Feel free to add bones, crystals, coins, buttons, and other personal momentos to make this set truly your own, or stick to the ones provided. Find a sacred shell or bowl to hold and cast your charms.

Includes: Ancestor, Cannabis, Cowrie, Flower Wand, Goddess, Key, Planet, Punani/Eye, Quartz, Skull, Snake, Spider, Sword

**Caution: Some items, such as the cowrie shell and cannabis (which is moonstone) are fragile.

Listing created Oct 8, 2018

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Erica J

8 months ago

Are these still available?

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