Set of 7 Ose Orisha Cleanse Bars (Seven African Powers)

Cleansing oneself with various leaves and natural elements is a fundamental part of Afro Carribean spirituality. Routine cleansing of the body should be done to rid oneself of negative energies and presences. We understand finding specific herbs can be quite difficult. Especially when location plays a big part making some places in the world near impossible to find certain trees that only grow in the tropics. At times customers are forced to shop around different botanica stores just to find most of the items they need. Ose Orisha makes it a little more convenient for you. Each unique cleanse bar is handmade and infused with the natural herbs, spices, and elements of each particular Orisha Afro Cuban Lukumi style. We take pride and honor in genuinely crafting each cleanse bar with the appropriate elements to attract the positive energies and vibrations needed. Unlike other Orisha and spiritual soaps, all ingredients used in Ose Orisha Cleanse Bars correspond to the specific Orisha.
Set of 7 cleanse bars (Seven African Powers)

Listing created Jan 12, 2019

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