Self Love/ Self Confidence ❤️✨ ️

feeling depressed? Need a pick me up? If the answer to any of those questions is yes than this is the candle for you. Sometimes we just need a boost and thats okay. These candles will provide you with the boost of self confidence and love that you absolutely need and deserve. Each herb essential oil and crystal that is included inside of this candle has the purpose of doing just that. Herbs included are chamomile, rose pedals, and rosemary. Essential oils included are lavender oil and rose oil. Crystals included are rose quarts & amethyst. Himilayan pink salt has also been added to boost your self love energy. This candle can help you with mental clarity, healing, self love, self confidence, boost your self esteem, attract love to you, help bring out your inner passion, help with depression and anxiety and last but not least rid your aura of negative energy and replace it with positive energy. I reccomend you burn this candle in your bedroom, bathroom or office space and meditate with it while speaking positive affirmations into your self. You deserve to be happy and you deserve all of the love you can bring to yourself.

Listing created May 24, 2019

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