Electric Incense Burner

How to use your Incense burner

Remove the burner from the box, plug in the burner, and place a certain amount of bakhour incense material onto the plate. Turn on the burner and enjoy the wonderful fragrance.

How to clean your incense burner:

After all the incense material is burned, a residue will be left on the plate. To clean, wait for the plate to be completely cooled. Wipe off the cooled plate with a semi-dry washcloth to clean the residue.

Safety considerations:

The resin burner plate can rise to temperatures near 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
Use with caution when handling the burner and only pick it up after it has cooled.
Do not touch the plate while in use. Do not leave the burner unattended and unplug the burner when not in use. The burner is intended for aromatic use only. Do not use next to flammable materials. Check the right power supply before use and avoid overload, use on a dry and flat surface, avoid to use in area with high humidity, avoid it been in contact with water or liquid. Do not allow to tip over

Keep out of reach of children
Operate on a dry & flat surface, wait till
Burner is cool before handling, pick up
The burner from the bottom base, not
From the top, keep out of reach of children,
Do not leave unattended.

Incense burner
Voltage: 110V
Power: 40 W
50/60 HZ


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