Artisan Florida Water 4oz

This blend was specifically created to clear the space of negative or stagnant energies, allowing for protection and harmony to enter and thrive.
The herbs were carefully chosen because of their healing and cleansing properties.
My mixtures are produced using organic store-bought or garden-grown herbs, prayed over and sun-charged for two weeks before being bottled. The floral base is made to order

Uses include: Floorwash or wipe down any area that needs cleansing. If you choose the spray nozzle instead of a screw cap, you can spray it in areas at home, at work, in your car, or any place that needs to be cleansed. You can even cleanse yourself with it! Use it in a spiritual bath, or spray yourself when you need to adjust your energies.
Remember to set your intentions when using it (what you want to clear away and what you want to welcome and manifest in your space).

Directions: Spray or add the florida water to your wash, spiritual bath, diffuser, etc and set your intentions while using it. Make sure your doors and/or windows are open to allow for any negative or stagnant energies to leave.

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