Incense bottle burner

Burning incense enhances your mood, energetically cleanses the atmosphere and is a symbol of prayer. The incense smoke carries your prayers to the Creator. While the fragrance serves as an offering to please the Creator. Sacred Ambiance Incense Burner Bottles are spiritual tools to incorporate in your sacred space.

Each Sacred Ambiance Incense Burner Bottle is a one of a kind functional work of art, that allows a stick incense to burn steadily inside the bottle, as the fragrant aromatic smoke blend rises through the mouth of the bottle. While, the ashes collect inside the bottom of the bottle. The translucent bottles are multi functional and can be used as a stick incense holder or lamp by inserting LED lights or string lights inside the bottle to provide an awesome glow.

The one of a kind, unique designs are hand painted with love and embellished with mixed media.

Listing created Aug 7, 2019

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